Sunday, June 24, 2007

TOP 5: food & liquor

I'm generally very healthy, but that all goes out the window at 2am after a couple of drinks when I'm starving.

1. Pizza: Pizza Orgasmica is open until 2:30am, (what?? I go to the Marina?? No, but they deliver) and Escape from NY seems to always be around whenever I'm out (Castro, Russian Hill, etc). I don't know if I'll ever be drunk enough to try this though. It would also require me to be in Philly (or would it??).

2. Pancakes: sometimes you just want breakfast in the middle of the night. There's an IHOP in the Marina (What?? The Marina again?? Fortunately Brian moved out of there. Yes!), and Bagdad Cafe is close to Cafe du Nord. Mel's is also open late, but I never like going there (I got yelled at once in the Berkeley location).

3. La Burrita & Top Dog: I don't know any hot dog places in SF (are there any?), but for the non-college-student, this Berkeley pair hits the spot after a show in the Greek (or if you happen to be in that area for any other reason).

4. Ramen: it's just the answer to everything! Chef Boyardee? It seems to go well with the magical rap stylings of Ms. Lil Mama. What better reminds you of lip gloss that's poppin than the pasta of our elementary school days?

5. Sweethearts' popcorn chicken: I haven't had this since college because boba places just do not exist in convenient locations in SF (there's a Quickly in the Castro though. Random!).

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C u r t said...

6. Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog - must be purchased from shady street vendor.