Monday, September 14, 2009

Slim Pickens

It's the end of summer, which also means the end of berry season! The park next to my parents' house has wild blackberry bushes which are bountiful during peak season, but there was very little fruit left when I tried going this past weekend. I only yielded about a cup after braving the thorns without the proper attire (shorts and sandals without gloves do not mix with berry picking).

Using the wild blackberries and some blueberries I bought (there weren't even blackberries in the store), I made a berry sour cream pie for my sister's baby shower, among other things. I served this with a sweet corn ice cream, a typical summer combo, just squeezed in before fall really sets in. Other things I made:

- marshmallows, some dipped in chocolate
- grand marnier almond cake
- mascarpone cheesecake w/ nectarines (I wasn't planning on making this, but my dad insisted since it's such a crowd pleaser ugh)
- caramelized apple white cheddar crumble
- chocolate cookie PB ice cream sandwiches
- vanilla ice cream (for the cake and crumble)
- potato chip + pretzel prailine


15 Romolo

This nondescript bar tucked away in a North Beach alley without a sign was pretty much what I expected - great drinks with food that pairs well with alcohol (ie, snacky bar food). The cocktail menu almost reads like a foreign language for those who aren't "mixologists" like me, but the four I tried were delicious, much like my experience at Adesso. I especially liked the "Hickory Dickory Dock," which I essentially likened to an ice cream float due to the ginger beer. Yum!

Prices are very reasonable, with fancy drinks $9-10, and food around $6. The "crispy dogs" (charred hot dogs smothered in cheese, wrapped in a tortilla then deep fried!) were surprisingly addictive, but hey... anything fried... how can it not be. So satisfying.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kristen + Marlon

Purple and gold (Lakers fans), tropical menu, and a hot day! Thanks to Gloria for letting me give her tiers a makeover, Grace for helping me make tons of sugar plumerias as well as being my food stylist for the day, and Mike for the lovely photos, as usual!

- Mascarpone cheesecake w/ pineapple champagne glaze and pineapple chips (what can I say... everyone wants cheesecake!)
- Ube manju sprinkled w/ black sesame seeds
- Coconut mochi cake
- Dark chocolate cupcakes w/ Kona coffee buttercream
- Passion fruit chocolate truffles rolled in macadamia nuts
- Hibiscus meringue kisses
- Guava cornmeal cookies
- Coconut tapioca w/ graham crumbs, leche flan, candied rice krispies, mango, and basil lime syrup (seriously... last time I'm making that for awhile!)