Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avril 14th

Ramen I've eaten recently:
- Ramen Dojo: spicy!
- Orenchi: unsatisfying, and my soft-boiled egg was pretty hard-boiled
- Hapa Ramen revisit: much better
- Katana-ya for the millionth time

Fun things I've made recently:
- raw vegan bars: almonds, medjool dates, shredded coconut, honey, cocoa powder, ground flax = delicious and healthy
- green onion pancakes
- cilantro hummus
- breakfast waffle tacos: waffle, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, maple syrup, sriracha (optional)

One more sxsw-related food item of note:
- MCF's brisket reminded me of Texas and was not Asian at all (which Mr. Bowien acknowledged as he served it to us). Quite delicious and quite possibly better than the other things I've tried there.

Off the Grid
Senor Sisig - pork taco and pork fries. nothing particularly filipino about them
Japacurry - katsu curry. katsu comparable to muracci's, but curry was thinner
Chairman Bao - braised pork (steamed and baked)
Malaysian tent - laksa needed mucho salt, banana fritters

Underground Market
Spring rolls - 3 for $6 might have been worth it if they weren't drenched in grease, falling apart, and the size of my thumb (granted, I have big hands)
Stroopwafels - nice pair to four barrel!
Banh mi - pretty decent with a nice mix of herbs
Bacon-wrapped mochi - of all the bacon-wrapped things in the world, this I had never thought of. Genius.
Afghan "pancakes"

- Ritual Silencio: get it
- Zero Zero: not memorable except for the ricotta doughnuts, and I just ate there yesterday
- Oyaji's portions have gotten much smaller =(
- Shanghai House's pork and pickled veg soup with knife-cut noodles: can't get enough. So, so satisfying
- Best discovery at a Korean market: chocolate-covered peanut-filled mochi
- Mama's, hunt for parrots, Bernal Hill, Sandbox Bakery, and having fun with salts and spices all make for a really nice day
- Good coffee is such a privilege and SF has really been the OG mecca. Can't wait for USBC coming up!