Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Candy Corn + Peanuts = Candy Corn + Peanuts

Yes, that's right. I was introduced to this for the very first time and it was strangely addicting. Sweet and savory - it all makes sense. But who would ever think to put the two together?? It basically tastes like what you think it would taste like... except better. Just fyi - I hate trail mix, and don't consider this trail mix.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine

If your sad mopey selves should remember, it was actually really hot and sunny these last few days. Ah, SF. Such a tease! Over the weekend I had a tasting with a very sweet couple whose wedding I will be making cupcake tiers for next month. I was just playing around with them and felt inspired by the nice weather. Next week: gray and black. =(


Berkeley Thai Temple

I haven't been here since college (ie, a LONG time ago) and it was pretty much how I remember: Berkeley students and hippies, lines lines everywhere, and tasty Thai food. Spicier than I remember, and the token exchange lady this time was really rude, but that still won't spoil good food with great friends on a sunny day. Yay!

Here are some prices for reference:
Thai iced tea = $1
1 entree over rice = $5
2 entrees = $6
papaya salad = $5
mango sticky rice = $5
Sweet Coconut & green onion rice ball things (SO GOOD) + fried taro = $4


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Richmond: More than Asian and Russian

Sure, there's more than just Asian restaurants and Russian bakeries out in the north avenues. Near my hood, there's the overrated Chapeau! ... the ecclectic Simple Pleasures... the always ironic Trader Sam's.... Yes, we really have quite a selection, I must say. Well I finally made it over to Pizzetta 211 after a long-time recommendation by a coworker. Goal: become a regular (ie. gain 15 lbs).

This tiny little 4 table+bar spot is so cute and so good... I am definitely going to return. Good thing we showed up a little after 5pm on a Saturday evening because almost immediately afterwards there was a wait outside. The staff was great and friendly... pizzas came shortly after ordering, even when they were made to order (I'm pretty sure they were at least). We only tried 2 - the potato, leek + pancetta w/ egg, and the margherita w/ white anchovies. They were both great - the former a bit heavy but tasty, and the latter could've had more anchovies. White anchovies are way less fishy than other kinds, so I would've liked more than just one per slice.

Regardless, we really enjoyed our meal here. The short walk from home is just a bonus! Mike said it reminded him of di fara's in bk because of the tiny space and thin crust. I still need to go =P


Sunday, October 12, 2008

El Farolito: Tastes Like Home

Not my home, but Mike's (Chula Vista, south of San Diego). I asked Mike to post about our meal here, but he said blogging was lame. Well, that makes him lame by association! Ohhhh snap! Moving on.

If you think I'm a food snob, just bring up bay area Mexican food with Mike. He is about as elitist as you can get (since he grew up next to the border, he's spent a lot of time in Mexico, eating real Mexican food. From Mexico. Made by Mexicans. Oh wait, that's not that different). However, we were in the Mission the other night after watching Call and Response at the Roxie, and I hadn't eaten dinner and wanted some tacos. With Mike's nose scrunched up and the whining commenced, we took a short walk to El Farolito since I had never been there.

Now, Mike judges a Mexican burrito/taco place by its carne asada, and to do that, he always gets the same thing: a carne asada burrito with guac, and everything else on the side (the rice and beans filler masks the taste). They forgot his, so mine was sitting pretty as we waited. Finally, with the salsa cups and marinated carrots ready, we dug in.

Apparently, the "correct" way to eat a [good] burrito is to let the juices that are dripping all over you come out from the bottom and straight into your salsa, which you pour back into the top with each bite. And how those drippings taste, according to Mike, will tell you if the carne asada is good or not. The result? "Tastes like home."

His must've been fresh off the grill because it was a lot better and juicier than mine. Mine was still tasty, but a little tough in comparison. Thus, we decided that a good Mexican restaurant is one that makes its meat to order (among other things). La Burrita, La Taqueria, and a lot of other bay area places (including El Farolito) usually grill their meat in bulk and let it sit in a hotel pan before assembly. Letting it sit out will dry it out, and you won't get those yummy meat juices. Mmm meat juices.

So yes, the bay area Mexican food scene is thus redeemed. I'm sure you can ask them to grill it fresh for you, but the person taking your order will probably hate your guts, or will think you're some HM chick/DB from the Marina* and ignore your request. Who knows? Try it and leave a comment haha.

* Sorry, I just can't help it sometimes! Tris???


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Want Candy!

Here are a few pictures from Tu's wedding of the candy table I did. Brown was the main wedding color, so I opted for an all-white table with brown accents (didn't want the table looking like poo). I wish there were better pictures of this (of all things, I forgot my camera!) but my favorite part of the table was the TJ's edamame with white pocky sticks stuck in them - you can kind of see it at the foot of the centerpiece. I didn't make anything, except for fleur de sel caramels, truffles, and some chocolate leaves that I made using this sweet vintage mold from Housing Works I got when I was in nyc.

I had originally bought white rabbit candy which Erina helped me unwrap (10 bags!) but I had to return them after the recall. It is so difficult finding white candy at a Chinese grocery store that doesn't contain milk powder! In their place, I got these marshmallows filled with grape jelly. Oh, China.

From Mike's phone, before all the plates and napkins. Update: R from pro photog

Photos by Hin Man


Monday, October 06, 2008


I guess we're really reaching that age when the "kids" are transitioning into the roles of making Thanksgiving dinner. Last year our aunt and my dad still "helped" us with the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rice... almost everything... but this year my sister and Joe want to take the reins on the turkey... deep-fried!

Oh, but not deep-fried in oil, but with infrared technology! They picked up this baby at Costco. None of us have ever in our lives made a turkey, so it actually was underdone despite the correct temperature gauge. Into the oven it went! It still turned out pretty moist though. Hopefully come November we won't be eating raw meat!

Look how big it is! (Or how small I am)... Joe demonstrates how he carves turkey....