Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mitchell's Ice Cream

688 San Jose Ave (& 29th St)
(415) 648-2300

Ice Cream Shop in Noe Valley

Mitchell's is definitely a San Francisco staple. Although yelp says it's Noe Valley, it's like borderline Noe Valley/Bernal Heights (or even Glen Park according to someone else, but I think that's really stretching it - I just tagged it as all of those places kind of). Parking isn't bad since it's pretty far out, and there's also a small lot behind the place. It's also pretty accessible by public transportation - it's a decent walk from the 24th & Mission BART station, or you can MUNI it.

Expect a wait. On any given day. You can also buy their ice cream in cartons and to go.

Mitchell's is known for their "exotic" flavors, meaning Filipino flavors like ube, halo halo, etc. All of their flavors are pretty good, including the standard ones (french vanilla custard? mmmm). A lot of people like Tropical 4, but I think it's kind of boring. Their "grasshopper pie" is REALLY GOOD (mint chocolate chip + fudge + oreos), and that's coming from someone who isn't big on chocolate. They also offer ice cream sandwiches (between 2 cookies, reminiscent of Diddy Riese), shakes, and other sweet concoctions.


Sean said...

Hells yah. Mitchell's isn't necessarily the best ice cream in the city, but it is mighty fine, and the exotic flavors are worth the price of admission. One of these days I hope to catch the durian when they make it. The Thai Iced Tea is quite good, and I like the young coconut, too.

kathy said...

Ooh I didn't know they made durian! Interesting (although I intentionally stay away from it. I just can't get over the smell!)