Tuesday, August 07, 2007

red velvet cupcakes

One of my roommates thought the cream cheese frosting was too powerful, but I prefer it that way (and I just use less). I garnished with cocoa nibs, but she also suggested using something orange. I refuse to use sprinkles, and I don't think candied orange zest would compliment it flavor-wise (would it?). Any other suggestions?

These look perfect unfrosted. I should really invest in a pastry bag + tips!

Edit: I just wanted to add another picture of the inside to show the color.

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lucyfnw said...

The frosting on the top needs to be fluffier and thicker. I also agree that the topping needs to be a color that pops more. Take a look at the pictures on miette.com of the old fashioned cupcake (red ball on top).

You can also check out the toppings on sprinkles cupcakes..