Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brazil Cafe

2161 University Ave. (& Oxford)
(510) 845-8011

Brazilian Sandwich Shack in Berkeley

L: Taken from Yelp , R: Taken from my phone

In honor of Spare the Air Day, Stacy and I took a long lunch and trekked to Berkeley for free! It was hot and I was craving something outdoors... which to me means Brazil Cafe! This place is known for their Tri-Tip, which is smothered in this incredible cilantro garlic sauce. It's like heaven in the form of a sandwich. The tri-tip is definitely the winner, but their other sandwiches are pretty good too (Mike likes the chicken salad). They have student specials, too - for $7.99 you can get a tri-tip sandwich and mango smoothie. Yummmmyyyyyyyy.

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Mike said...

i shouldn't have eaten lunch that day... you finished your WHOLE sandwich, i'm so proud of you!