Saturday, August 04, 2007

White Peach Tart w/ Pistachio Frangipane

This weekend my roommates and I did a massive kitchen cleaning, which included throwing out ~7 bags of old food that used to occupy three fourths of our fridge/freezer/kitchen table. One of the girls had some white peaches that were getting soft - they hadn't gone bad yet, but they were going to soon. I happened to have some pistachios on hand, and I was enamored by these photos a little while back, so I decided to make a tart.

So the outer crust is kind of burnt, and that's because the rice I was using to weight it down during the first baking ended up absorbing most of the heat so the middle didn't bake as quickly, so I decided to keep it in longer = overbaked edges. My pictures look totally different than the originals - I don't know how her peaches stayed white?? Mine look like they're apples. Oh well! Perhaps it's because hers are mini tarts so they were baked in less time...? I have some leftover dough and frangipane so I'll try minis later and see how those turn out.

** Edit: After talking to a pastry chef, the problem with the bottom of the tart being undercooked is apparently common in most home ovens, and can be solved by using a pizza stone (which should be around $12). Also, the problem with the browning of the peaches, she said, can be solved by poaching them beforehand. I will have to try this next time!

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