Tuesday, March 20, 2007


4344 California St. (& 5th Ave.)
(415) 386-3895

Burmese/Chinese in Inner Richmond

I've been to this place twice (once with Shinie and Kyle, and once for Laurene's bday) and I just noticed that I've never reviewed it! Although Burma Superstar is a really popular place, I think the food here is better (with almost no wait, compared to waiting an hour or more).

Get the "special noodles" - a server comes to your table with all the ingredients in front of you and mixes them together right there. The flavors are reallly good... writing this makes me want to go there for dinner. Everything else is pretty normal but good. The service is decent, and if it's your birthday, you'll get a special happy birthday song played throughout the entire restaurant (that sound like "it's a small world" kids but creepier).

I say skip Burma Superstar and go here instead. Or just go here. =)

** Edit: I've been here a gazillion times since this review, and it never fails. I've tried their salads, desserts, drinks... everything here is solid. The special noodles is still definitely the stand-out dish, and if anything, go here to try it.

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