Tuesday, March 20, 2007


1 Mission St. (and Embarcadero)
(415) 543-6084

American in Financial/Embarcadero

I went here for an anniversary dinner, celebrating one wonderful year. ... Even after having a horrible day on top of the 28-day rain streak, dinner at Boulevard gave my day a 180. We were greeted with fabulous service - a waiter that would not only laugh at our silly antics, but he even joined in sometimes. =) On top of THAT, he knew his salt! Now THAT makes a fab waiter. =) If that doesn't beat a story about huns and dragons, I don't know what does.

The food was very traditional American cuisine, and very high quality. I'm not much for foie gras, but I was RAVING about Boulevard's. It didn't have that uncomfortable jelly-like consistency nor the gross liver taste a lot of restaurants tend to have. Our entrees included the duck, which was ok, and...wow, I don't remember what I had... but it was fish. The thing about this restaurant is that, again, the food is very traditional, so it isn't anything you haven't heard of. However, what makes it special is that it's high quality, and they make each dish the way it should always be (but oftentimes isn't elsewhere). It does lack uniqueness, but that isn't what the restaurant is going for anyway.

For dessert, we had a very special banana cream + white chocolate "pie," which wasn't exactly a pie since the crust was made out of flaky pastry dough. The white chocolate also gave it a little spunk, which was nice.

All in all, my experience at Boulevard was great. Good company always makes good food better, and if it wasn't for that and the service, I would've had a not-so-happy anniversary (as illustrated below). =P

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