Tuesday, March 20, 2007


44 Belden Pl. (between Bush and Pine)
(415) 986-6287

Spanish in Financial

Went here for Valentine's Day, and as expected, the prices were jacked up for the commercial holiday =P. The service was pretty good (our waitress was so nice =), but it was INCREDIBLY LOUD in there! We would've sat outside to escape the noise, except that it was freezing.

The food was ok - for appetizer, we had lamb skewers mediterrean style, which were ok. The entrees included rabbit paella and the monkfish. The rabbit paella was good - the portion was really small though, only enough to feed one person who has a small appetite. The monkish was ok, but nothing special.

Overall, this is a pretty convenient place to go to after work, and the atmosphere (outside) is great, since belden is like a little Euro-style alley way. The foods not great though. I'd go back for the rabbit paella, but I heard that the other paellas aren't very good.

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Stacy said...

I recently (3/22/07) went to B44 due to advice from a friend who recommended the paella. My friend was visiting from Dallas, so I thought it might be fun for him to go to Belden Lane since it's such a great pseudo-European atmosphere. Since it was just a random Thursday night, it was pretty quiet and empty. Our waiter was really helpful and friendly. He recommended a really nice Tempranillo wine that complimented the meal well.

The food, however, was slightly disappointing to me. For an appetizer, we ordered seared scallops and whole shrimp in a romesco sauce. The scallops were slightly overcooked and both shrimp scallops had very little flavor. My friend proceeded to order the duck comfit with sausage and beans. This also had very little flavor, which I thought was disappointing for a meat as rich as duck. I ordered the fideua, which was a noodle paella. The flavors were rich and the cream on top of the dish rounded off those flavors nicely.

Overall, it was a nice atmosphere, but I think it was a little too pricey for what we received. If you go, I recommend the paella, but otherwise, I'd try another place for Spanish cuisine.