Tuesday, March 20, 2007


56 Gold St (and Sansome)
(415) 433-6300

American in Financial with 30s/40s style

This is a very large restaurant, and situated in the outer skirts of the financial district, it's perfect for post-work socializing and stress relief (aka happy hour). The only sucky part about going right after work is that the live jazz doesn't stat until 8pm.

We had a very strange waiter that made awkward jokes, but regardless, he did his job well. This place is known for their steak tartare (raw beef mixed with a bunch of crap) which was pretty good (I'm just not a huge fan of raw beef). Do NOT get the gourgeres (cheese puffs). They were stale and not good. The potato pillows with caviar were pretty good - like sophisticated tater tots/hash browns. Couldn't really taste the caviar unless you ate is separately.

As for entrees, we got the truffle cheeseburger (very good, with a pretty large slice of truffle), kobe steak (good but small), crab spaghetti (nothing special), and the chicken hash (weird and unexpectedly good). Desserts, we got the bananas foster which is their signature dessert (I think all bananas fosters taste the same, including this one), and some other unmemorable dessert.

Nice vibe, good food, weird waitstaff.

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