Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Search for Delicious

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Sea to table?

I was in Asia for a little while and stopped through Tokyo for a little eating. Before my trip things were a bit nutso so I didn't really have time to plan things to a T, which meant getting lost multiple times and having to ask many people for help. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers!

Daiwa sushi

Okonomiyaki at Kiji

Look at all the goods! You can't get anything comparable in the bay area unfortunately

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After some crazy misadventures, we finally found Chatei Hatou, a super kawaii coffee shop tucked away near Shibuya

Their ceremoniously precise technique has inspired the likes of Blue Bottle. Look at the blooming!

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If I'm within the vicinity of a Pierre Herme, it is a must. Their chocolate salon in Aoyama was fun, but it can't beat the pastries in their Paris St. Germain bakery.


Stewed meat donburi in Tsukiji made by the lovely women above.

Slicing pork for ramen

Said ramen at Chuka Soba Inoue

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And of course, I needed to redeem my last experience at Hidemi Sugino and try again. Success! First in line this time.

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