Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Want Candy!

Here are a few pictures from Tu's wedding of the candy table I did. Brown was the main wedding color, so I opted for an all-white table with brown accents (didn't want the table looking like poo). I wish there were better pictures of this (of all things, I forgot my camera!) but my favorite part of the table was the TJ's edamame with white pocky sticks stuck in them - you can kind of see it at the foot of the centerpiece. I didn't make anything, except for fleur de sel caramels, truffles, and some chocolate leaves that I made using this sweet vintage mold from Housing Works I got when I was in nyc.

I had originally bought white rabbit candy which Erina helped me unwrap (10 bags!) but I had to return them after the recall. It is so difficult finding white candy at a Chinese grocery store that doesn't contain milk powder! In their place, I got these marshmallows filled with grape jelly. Oh, China.

From Mike's phone, before all the plates and napkins. Update: R from pro photog

Photos by Hin Man

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tu said...

Kathy, the candy station turned out beautiful! It was a BIGGG hit with everyone that night! Ryan ate SOO much candy that he got sick! haha. poor guy. Thanks, again for doing that. =)