Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Packt Like Sardines on the MTA

In the wake of Tropical Storms/Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, and Ike, I made my annual visit to NYC and luckily only experienced a little of the storms. Unlike last year's visit, I didn't really have an eating itinerary, although I did want to try the Momofuku restaurants. It ended up being a really chill trip, just hanging out with good friends and eating more casually. Notable meals/snacks after the jump!

Aliada - Around the corner from Tina's apt, this Greek restaurant in the very Greek neighborhood that is Astoria had a variety of reasonably priced (<$10) sandwiches that were loaded with pork. Me being the glutton I am instead got the traditional moussaka with lemon potatoes, which was actually much lighter than the ones I've had here in SF. I'm not sure what kind of cheese they used, but the flavor was very mild and it wasn't greasy at all. Mister Softee - Yes, I know this is JUST an ice cream truck. But is it?? While Grace and I were headed to Bryant Park to see if we could scope some celebrities entering the tents, I spotted the ice cream man which immediately triggered a memory of this article I read a few months back. At $3 a cone, I was shocked! However, it did not disappoint. Not only was it incredibly satisfying amid the gross east coast heat and humidity, but it was unexpectedly creamy, rich, and very very smooth... a much higher standard than your average soft serve.

Joe Shanghai
- This time I also tried the beef noodle soup which wasn't spicy at all, but still quite tasty despite the heat. The XLB wasn't as satisfying as last time, but it's probably because it was like 90 degrees as opposed to 40. They're still very good, but I also maintain that the skins are too thick!

Burger Joint @ Le Parker Meridian - OK, so after googling for 2 minutes (yes, I'm lazy) I can't figure out the story behind this place. I'm not sure if it's the hotel's intentional "secret" that they have this dive-y place hidden in a dark alley in the middle of a fancy shmancy hotel, or if there's something deeper going on. Either way, it was simple and quite reminiscent of in-n-out, except with a kick of horseradish in their sauce.

Dessert Truck - We ate here after stuffing our faces with burgers, so we just shared one goat cheese cheesecake. Nothing too crazy, but the intrigue was that accompanying rosemary caramel, which actually did play very nicely with the rest.

Taim - I heard about this place from that sandwiches article, and I must say that I've never liked falafels very much. Taim's green falafel was definitely enlightening. Rich, moist, flavorful... I will definitely be on the lookout (on the east coast) in the future. They also had a really tasty fried eggplant/egg pita sandwich that Tina had. Will return for sure!

Pommes Frites - $5 for a small order? Waste of money, sorry Leslie!

Odessa - I seriously considered making a pierogi afternoon tour while I was killing time in the East Village, but ended up only trying one. Odessa was actually kind of a really old bar/restaurant. I tried meat and mushroom pierogis, and they were kind of dry (although dipping them in applesauce did help). But like I said before, we don't have much of an Eastern European population here... so I wouldn't really know what's authentic or not (like the Amateur Gourmet and any kind of Asian food).

Indian Bread Company - Literally right across the street from Joyce's place. Their spiced potato kathi roll was really good, although a bit small. Great for a quick meal on the go!

Doughnut Plant - I had a few hours before dinner and I happened to be in LES anyway, so I came here to appease my growling stomach. Donuts in the afternoon? I know. They were all out of the one I wanted (toasted almond), and the others weren't that appealing to me... but I settled on a square Italian plum jelly donut. Mike got mad when I said this, but taste-wise it wasn't much better than Krispy Kreme! I know my circumstances were not in their favor (late afternoon, their menu at the time just wasn't to my liking), so I would come back if I was already in the neighborhood.

Momofuku Ssam bar - Like the rest of the world
(except for this lucky couple!) we couldn't get a res at Ko, so Ssam bar became my first Momofuku experience. After watching David Chang's interview, I had a good sense of what to expect in spite of the hype, and wasn't disappointed. Good, tasty, Asian-inspired comfort food. Pork belly buns? How can you go wrong. Heirloom tomato salad was refreshing and sweet, rice cakes looked like gnocchi and had pretty standard Chinese flavor. The lamb belly was served seared and crispy... Leslie wasn't a fan, but I thought the fried version was pretty amazing - juicy, strong flavor, balanced crunch. Yummmmy!

Chikalicious Puddin' (or Dessert Club?) - After experiencing 3-course dessert at Chikalicious a few years back, I wanted to see what their more casual shop across the street had to offer. Pudding, cupcakes, soft serve, etc... it was definitely a different vibe than their first venture (including the atmosphere... a bit boba-shop if you ask me). The treats were pretty much what you would expect - the vanilla custard pudding had a very spongey cake that soaked up the custard (creme anglaise?) nicely, and the affogato was simple and a nice end to the evening. I wasn't sure what the "chocolate pearls" would be, but they ended up being little chocolate covered rice crisps (think crunch bar) and not the chewy tapioca I initially imagined.

Amy's bread - After grabbing an iced coffee at Porto Rico, I dropped by the Bleecker location for a snack and picked up their almond brioche toast. Wow. I'm not sure how they made it, but it seemed like it was a slice of brioche topped with almond paste, then baked again to achieve a light crust.


Liang :0) said...

ooo...a new article about nyc and new suggestions! i must say though i feel burger joint is a little too pricey (even though the restaurant burger is like $20 or something) for the burger you get. Give me shake shack anyday! Have you ever tried Jackson Hole (nyc chain)? I think the burger plate is definitely the best bang for your buck. Next time you're in nyc, could i request a barbecue review?

kathy said...

Shake Shack is definitely one place that's been on my list but I still haven't tried. Will have to next time!

Dude, next time I visit we'll just get BBQ together! =)

Liang :0) said...