Monday, October 27, 2008

Berkeley Thai Temple

I haven't been here since college (ie, a LONG time ago) and it was pretty much how I remember: Berkeley students and hippies, lines lines everywhere, and tasty Thai food. Spicier than I remember, and the token exchange lady this time was really rude, but that still won't spoil good food with great friends on a sunny day. Yay!

Here are some prices for reference:
Thai iced tea = $1
1 entree over rice = $5
2 entrees = $6
papaya salad = $5
mango sticky rice = $5
Sweet Coconut & green onion rice ball things (SO GOOD) + fried taro = $4


D said...

it's called khanom krog. :)

and the taro stuff is khanom babin.

- diana(chien)

kathy said...

thanks =)