Friday, February 01, 2008

What Did Mommy Cook?

I woke up this morning with an email from my mother, with the subject line "What did Mommy cook," including a series of photos as follows.

Ooh the suspense is killing me!


Apparently she just watched the movie hehe. Here's an email reply from my Dad:

Mommy got a bit of inspiration after watching Ratatouille last week. I borrowed the DVD from the Fremont Lib. Plus we watched the Keller, the chef/owner of French Laundry cooking show on KQED last Saturday and he made this eggplant quiche with a topping that is like the thing that Remy made in the movie (slices of tomato, yellow squash and zuchinni, but no eggplant b/c the eggplant was mixed with goat cheese and stuff as the pie stuffing and it was baked). Does not sound very appetizing to me as goat cheese is gamey.

Mommy needs to slice her veggies more thinly. While it may look good, the taste is ahh ... I’ll just say that I am not a vegetarian.

Plus, Mommy wants to show off her bowl cover thingy that she just received from the mail order vendor.

Before and after baking

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