Wednesday, February 13, 2008


3560 18th St (& Guerrero)
(415) 565-0360

Italian in the Mission

The best meal you can ever wish for when you have a canker sore :).

haha isn't that appetizing. When we went to Farina I was dying in pain and starving because I couldn't chew. I was planning to just get soup but luckily they have gnocchi with parmesan and truffle shaving and I was blown away. It was awesome. I also tried some of Kathy's chickpea soup and it was pretty good also. For dessert I got the Pearmisu and it was ok. I would definitely go back just for the gnocchi.

Pictures after the jump!


Your Pal, Al said...

The short ribs look like someone crapped on a pillow. I agree, gnocchi was BOMB.

kathy said...

I thought this was a great restaurant to try out for Dine About Town - the space was really nice.. they make their own bread... the design and colors of their bathroom was really cute.... but the food was kind of just eh. But yes, the gnocchi was the only "OOH" dish!

kathy said...

Oh yeah, and the desserts all sounded really good... but kind of failed. For example, I got a Marsala (wine) pot de creme/custard, and although the Marsala flavor was very strong, the aftertaste was like soy sauce = NASTY