Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Viva la France! et Cynthia!

Resident Francophile, Cynthia, turns 25 today! In honor of her quarterlife, she threw a French themed potluck, and despite some groans, a lot of people made food!

I had some lentils, so I made a Coq Au Vin and just threw them in with that. It ended up looking like brown mush (or barf, according to Kevin), but it was quite tasty. Cyn made some crepes for dessert a la Ikea mix, and we also had a fruit tart from La Farine (which, btw, ain't all that). Other dishes people made/brought included:

- Mini quiches a la Costco
- Potato Puffs a la Gregoire
- Cassoulet w/ white beans, ham hock, sausage, other random meat
- Ratatouille!
- Beef Bourguignon
- Mussels cooked in white wine
- Chocolate bread pudding

What talented friends! =)

Joyeux Anniversaire Cynthia!

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