Tuesday, January 08, 2008

TOP 5 of 2007

I know I'm very late with this post, but eh.

Top 5 Hit Dishes of my own
- Truffle Crab Mac n Cheese
- Mascarpone Cheesecake
- Fruit Tarts
- Lavender Shortbread
- Molten [Peppermint] Chocolate Cakes

Top 5 dishes worth drooling over
- pancetta-wrapped quail w/ porcini bread pudding @ A Cote
- baked chanterelles w/ leeks & truffle oil @ A Cote
- my aunt's sticky rice
- cheese rolls from Taste of Texas
- grilled cod @ Oyaji

Top meal that did not sit well with my stomach and sent me on a 24-hr trip with a porcelain bowl
- Google MVizzy!!! Darn you, oysters!

Top 3 experiments that didn't quite work
- plum mochi cake
- beer floats (they ended up being 90% ice cream)
- "caviar" + phyllo

Top 5 Korean restaurants that will hook you up if you are [with] a Korean that orders in Korean
- My Tofu House
- Teo
- The "Korean Restaurant" on Taraval
- Brothers
- ALL KOREAN RESTAURANTS! Darn you, Chinese people!

Non-food-related TOP 5's after the jump (so handy!)
Top 5 Songs (in no order)

- Radiohead: "All I Need"
- Bat for Lashes: "The Wizard"
- Grizzly Bear: "He Hit Me"
- Feist: "I Feel It All"
- Panda Bear: "Bros"

Top 5 Albums (in no order)
- Radiohead: In Rainbows
- MIA: Kala

- Feist: The Reminder
- Iron & Wine: The Shepherd's Dog
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Is Is (EP)

Top 5 songs that will make me start dancing and distract me in the kitchen
- Kanye: "Good Life"
- !!!: "Myth Takes"
- Of Montreal: "Gronlandic Edit"

- MIA: "Bamboo Banga"
- Daft Punk: all of Alive 2007 (not a song, I know)

Top 3 awesome shows
- Grizzly Bear @ Great American
- MIA @ the Rickshaw
- Will Shortz @ Zellerbach (kind of counts)

Top awkward and uncomfortable showing of animated porn
- Notes to a Toon Underground

Top 3 Non-food-and-music blogs I stumbled upon and instantly added to my feed
- Poplicks
- The Sartorialist
- Kanye's (he finds some cool stuff!)

Top video game (despite being the only video game I played all year)

Top venue to avoid after grocery shopping
- Mezzanine

Top 5 milestones of 2007
- Finishing the Nike Women's Half Marathon (undocumented: post-marathon meal was at Shanghai House = hand-cut noodles!)
- Catering my sister's wedding (and of course, her getting married)
- My little sister starting college!
- The birth of Isabella Su-Ah Chang!
- Starting a new job

What a year! I'm excited for the year to come though... yay 2008!


lucyfnw said...

Top dog of 2007 = Bonnie!!!!

kareniscreepy said...

cheeeesy rollllsssss