Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Everything's bigger in Texas

So true. I just got back from Houston for my sister's second wedding reception (her husband is from there). The weekend really just consisted of lots and LOTS of eating. I decided that I don't like Texas, but they do have much better steak.

Our first night, we went to Taste of Texas, this monstrosity of a steak house. They're so popular that they have 3 hour waits, and a huge waiting area with popcorn, chips & salsa, drinks, and tvs to keep you busy. They had a pretty wide selection of different cuts, but I went with a 16 oz ribeye. That's right, friends, sixteen ounces. I would've gotten less (like 10 oz), but the ribeye came at a minimum of 16. Whatever, I finished! (with a little help). Their cheese rolls were like crack, especially when they were fresh from the oven. Warm, soft, and laden with cheesy goodness. I would've taken one for the road if it could fit in my stomach.

The next day we went to Pappasito's, a tex mex restaurant that's basically a better version of Chevy's. Everything tastes a lot better at this place, and they're known for their fajitas. My sister's friend Jen got what looked like a normal kabob when it was hanging, but down on the plate all the chunks were ginormous.

For the second wedding reception, we went to a very fancy steak house called Vic and Anthony's in downtown Houston. They cooked all their steaks at medium, but I specifically asked for rare. I was converted after having some of my brother-in-law's rare prime rib from Taste of Texas. It's so soft and tender... I don't know if I'll ever go back to medium rare.

I had to leave with my little sister a day early, but the rest of them had BBQ. Too bad. We forced ourselves to take advantage of the hotel gym, solely to help us digest our food. Ughhhh.

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Ken said...

Texas food is the best, Kathy! THE BEST! I love Tex-Mex so much and the steak, of course, is as you described. Next time try a place called "Saltgrass" - it's my favorite. Did you go shopping? Trust me - that would be another thing you would love about Texas. There are malls 15 minutes in every direction. Best part? They'll actually have your size, since unlike the Bay Area, there are very few Asians and many fat people (I'm generalizing, but you get the point).