Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ending 07 with LOTS OF FOOD

I spent the end of the year (and the beginning of the new one) with my family and relatives, which usually means... LOTS of EATING. That's really all we do - I mean, I have a family full of yelpers! No wonder why I have a food blog (I don't do yelp though).

Last weekend we went to Yank Sing with my sister's in-laws, and hung out in the Ferry Building. I finally got those snowflake cookie cutters I had been ogling for the last few weeks at 50% off! I also tried my first Miette macarons and they were pretty good. I haven't made any since those random post-wedding batches, but mine were definitely way more delicate and less stable. Their stuff is just so cute - flavor and taste is maybe above average, but they are really just selling their presentation. There are also these adorable cake stands by Whitney Smith that are sold there as well. Too bad they're like $65 each!

I also had dinner with my dad's side at the House. It was surprisingly super busy - probably because of the holidays. It was pretty decent - a bit expensive for what it was, but it was a satisfying meal - recap to come. We followed up at Golden Gate bakery with the best egg custard tarts in the city. Nothing like scarfing down on the street with crumbs all over your face and clothes... with your parents looking just as stupid.

NYE was spent at Sushi House with the in-laws again. I like saving the best bites for the last of my meal, but I had eaten so much that I couldn't even enjoy the last piece of hamachi... so I saved it to pop in my mouth right before we left. This lone slice was repeatedly mistaken for me wasting food, so I had to ward off many chopsticks trying to swipe my fish. I ended up making a barricade of chopsticks so my family would stop trying to take my yellowtail!

And last, but not least, my first day of 2008 has been spent trying on all my mom's vintage clothes (not vintage to her, although I've seen one or two of her dresses in some style/fashion blogs) and her feeding us veggie "hamburger" patties. My little sister was not a fan. "It tastes like human flesh!!"

Happy 2008! I have a feeling that this will be a good year. =)

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