Monday, December 10, 2007

Project Holiday

Coming soon:
- For an uber cheesy holiday party: roll-out cookies a la Dorie Greenspan, maybe some peppermint brownies, or spiced almonds since I have so many
- Cookie gifts: roll-out cookies maybe, or some lavender shortbread... not sure yet
- For my grandmother's birthday: A cake that old Chinese people would like... which means... similar to those vanilla sponge cakes with fruit and taro filling. Any suggestions??? It will definitely have to be a layered cake... not too sweet... there's a reason why Chinese bakeries keep selling those, and not just because they're cheap! I can't think of anything =(
- Christmas: my dad requested some kind of mousse... that's not really festive, but oh well. I may try my hand at apple pie again to see if I can do better than last time

Other things I may try soon:
- Making my own chai blend
- Tiffany's butterscotch pudding from the Top Chef holiday special: even Elizabeth Faulkner really liked it!

I really want the cookie cutters on the right... these cookies (photo taken from sur la table) are soo pretty! If only I could decorate like that....

1 comment:

Annie said...

kathy... seriously, you blow me away with your baking endeavors sometime. i dont know nearly enough to improvise the way you do!

for chinese recipes, the chiffon cake with a lighter whipped cream filling could work. the recipes on my site, its one that i love. super spongy, super light. thats what i usualy bake for my relatives.

also, i recently made that sticky rice cake that chinese poeple like so much. the recipes also on my site.. its REALLY good, i make it every time for our relatives.

hope those ideas help you on your mad baking spree ;)