Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TOP 5 fried desserts (to try making)

Fried Lychee Custard Bars from Flickr (searching under "fried" gets you all sorts of interesting results...)

After opening my mind to fried delicacies, I decided that there are some other things I want to try dunking into a big vat of sizzling hot oil:

1. Fried brioche: Again?? I want to do it better... the texture was a bit dense
2. Creme Frites, a la Jen Kenny Nguyen when she was at Belden Taverna
3. Lemon Ricotta Fritters, from Dolce Italiano, as featured in the Chronicle today
4. Ice Cream
5. Churros

You would think a place like Bar Fry would have a nice selection of fried desserts, but they don't.

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