Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baking with Dorie, or The ULTIMATE Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

As I had mentioned earlier, I made some food for a holiday party this weekend: some spiced almonds, roll-out sugar cookies + royal icing for decorating, and some peppermint brownies. I wanted to make a limited amount of food because baking/cooking for parties is too stressful. Everything else we just bought. All of these, save for the nuts, were Dorie Greenspan recipes (brownie one slightly tweaked) and they worked quite nicely.

I made the icing since buying it is SO expensive whereas making it costs almost nothing. I had to use a crapload of food coloring though to get deeper, brighter colors instead of pastels. Some of my nails are still stained blue =P I used sandwich-sized ziploc bags and just cut the holes instead of using tips. Once I get my hand on those snowflake cookie cutters from Sur la Table, I'll try making nice-looking cookies... we'll see how that goes.

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