Monday, June 21, 2010

We Jammin

My parents have a lot of fruit trees in their backyard, and the loquats were at their peak a few weeks ago. As I learned last year, picking fruit is not an easy task but at least there weren't any thorns this time (just tons of bugs and spiders gah). Loquats go bad incredibly quickly, so I thought I would make jam to get the most of the harvest.

My dad has two types of loquat trees: one with a darker orange fruit, and the other with a lighter yellow/whitish flesh. My dad thought it would be cool to keep the jams separate, one from each tree. Peeling loquats is the biggest pain EVER. I've prepped all kinds of fruit, and I think this was the worst. You can't eat the skin, so my method was to cut the loquat in half around the pit, remove the pit, peel the skin off, then peel the pit lining out. Each piece of fruit is small and multiply that by a huge bag of each, plus fast oxidation... back-breaking! This is work for a team, not a sad, sad individual.

If I were trying to sell this, I would call these "locally foraged fresh all natural organic loquat preserves." I think the only keyword I'm missing is sustainable. Ah, I almost forgot tree-ripened (which it is)!

I had a lot of leftover puff pastry from a wedding a few weeks ago, and I wasn't about to waste all those hand-rolled layers! I made some poptarts, inspired by MGFD.

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