Monday, September 14, 2009

Slim Pickens

It's the end of summer, which also means the end of berry season! The park next to my parents' house has wild blackberry bushes which are bountiful during peak season, but there was very little fruit left when I tried going this past weekend. I only yielded about a cup after braving the thorns without the proper attire (shorts and sandals without gloves do not mix with berry picking).

Using the wild blackberries and some blueberries I bought (there weren't even blackberries in the store), I made a berry sour cream pie for my sister's baby shower, among other things. I served this with a sweet corn ice cream, a typical summer combo, just squeezed in before fall really sets in. Other things I made:

- marshmallows, some dipped in chocolate
- grand marnier almond cake
- mascarpone cheesecake w/ nectarines (I wasn't planning on making this, but my dad insisted since it's such a crowd pleaser ugh)
- caramelized apple white cheddar crumble
- chocolate cookie PB ice cream sandwiches
- vanilla ice cream (for the cake and crumble)
- potato chip + pretzel prailine

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