Friday, June 04, 2010

Bienvenido a Miami

TOP 5 Items on Memorial Day Weekend To Do List

1. Say hi to Shaq at the pool (check)
2. Imagine punching Chris Brown in the face as he walks by (check)
3. Unsuccessfully get into P Diddy's party (check)
4. Go to South Beach every night and marvel at the hordes of people (check)
5. Almost die of parasites after eating raw pork (check)

Didn't have high expectations for Miami except for MGFD - James Beard winner for Best Chef (South) 2010. R: kimchi benedict

Their pastry chef is also known for playful twists on nostalgic comfort foods like the puff pastry "pop tarts" (L) and cutely plated biscuit-like scones w/ lemon curd (R)

Quick bite at La Sandwicherie

Trip to Little Havana was unexpectedly far from Miami Beach, and a bit reminiscent of east LA. Calle Ocho, the main drag, stretches far and wide with everything spread out; not the cute little neighborhood I had romanticized in my mind. Versailles is an institution there, but when we arrived their power had just gone out, so we went down the street to their sister restaurant, La Carreta.

Classic sampler with yuca, some fried ham thing, tamale, ground pork, and of course plantains (L). Cuban (R) was OK, but I don't really have a gold standard

We also ate at Joe's Stone Crab (crab is the only thing that is good) and Talula (good except for the raw pork incident).

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