Friday, May 29, 2009

Salumi Cycle

On my way back from Crocker, I passed by the Boccalone bike (or salumi cycle, if you prefer that alliteration). I walked by at exactly 12:30pm and there was already a line about 30-deep. I also noticed people loitering at different corners of the intersection about 15 min before. I would've been one of them if I was in the mood for a prosciutto panini.

The bike is cute!

Photo from their twitter.


Gene Miguel - Hoodscope said...

That's awesome, didn't know he existed! Have you tried it yet?

kathy said...

I haven't, but I would think they'd be pretty much the same as the sandwiches at Boccalone in the Ferry Building, where they're coming from (which are filled with porky goodness).