Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News and Notes, Candy Edition

Check out Grace's gummy lei! I also blogged about it here.

I put together a candy table last month for an article I was writing for Project Wedding. It's finally posted on the site, so check it out! The candy was donated by Fiona's Sweet Shoppe near Union Square -- they're super cute and the staff is so sweet! I also got the flowers from Nancy Liu Chin the day I stopped by Kitchenette SF. Mikey took the photos - pretty rad, right? Now I have my very own personal photog! <3
I made the truffles, baked off the little cakes, and the pocky sticks are stuck in sugar in case you're wondering. Grace also made the polka dot print for the candy bars with her baller ppt skills.

More photos after the jump!

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