Saturday, January 10, 2009

Town Hall

Town Hall is one of those restaurants that have been on my radar for a long time, but I just never had the motivation to make my way over there. I finally went for lunch with bsze, who's a big fan of Salt House (sister restaurant). Its SOMA/outer financial location allows them a crapload of space for this Cajun joint, way bigger than the rest of the family, and an anomaly in SF's restaurant scene. We didn't sample the entire menu obviously, but we had an overall pretty good lunch.

Brian had basically a croque madame (I forget what exactly they called it) - small, but the poached egg was really lovely, and perfectly runny when punctured. I got duck enchiladas, which were pretty tasty, although the tortillas were difficult to cut through. We also shared some jalapeno cornbread, which came in this cast iron corn mold (I should've flipped them over for the photo, sorry). Sticky due to the honey, but cute nonetheless.

And of course, I had (not Brian because he doesn't like sweets) the butterscotch/chocolate pot de creme that they're known for. I didn't expect the portion to be so generous (seriously an entire bowl) since at Salt House we usually put the puddings and such in little mason jars. I seriously ate almost the entire thing, and immediately regretted it, but didn't. It definitely lives up to its reputation, being incredibly rich but just airy/light enough to not feel sick (unless you eat the whole thing like me). The accompanying chocolate-dipped toffee also adds some good contrast in texture, even if it does make it a bit more over the top decadent.

Town Hall is great for a power lunch, spacious enough for groups, and I'd be down to go again if someone suggested it.

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