Thursday, December 11, 2008

3rd time's the charm - Salt House

This is my 3rd time eating at Salt House. The 1st time was when they first opened and it wasn't that remarkable. The 2nd time was lunch and I forgot what I had :P. BUT this time, it was very good. Thanks to our insider hookups (Thanks Kathy), we got to try a lot of different things and desserts were amazing!!

To start, we ordered the house favorite Poutine (crispy potato with gravy and cheddar, the ultimate comfort food)

Then the chili and foie gras, compliments from the head chef :)

For the main event, we got duck confit, shepherd's pie, gnocchi, and sole.

By this point, we were already pretty stuffed. But how could we skip desserts when they were THESE!!

Apple "tatin" w/ white cheddar crumble, vanilla bean ice cream, and huckleberry sauce. Chocolate cremeux on top of a hazlenut dacquoise, with a chocolate lace tuile, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate crumbs.

Brioche bread pudding w/ bourbon caramel sauce and raisins, topped with dollop of bourbon chiboust. Meyer lemon meringue tart w/ basil sorbet (candied orange garnish)

We were really full so we had to box some of them to-go. When we got back to the office, food coma ~o~


kathy said...

I filled in the dessert names =) Your pictures turned out really well!

JustGigi said...

yea I especially like the picture of the apple tatin. It was so yummy, hehe when are u going to make it and bring to the office :D

Liang :0) said...

oooo...i just had "disco fries" today...fries with melted cheese and gravy...not sure if poutine is the same thing...but it was very yummy.