Saturday, January 24, 2009

El Tonayense, or Yet Another Outer Mission Post

It seems like I've been trekking out to the outer mission a lot lately, but it's mostly been clustered. The same day Stacy and I went to Humphry Slocombe, we spent most of our long lunch at 22nd + Harrison, the corner where El Tonayense's taco truck is parked.

They serve tiny street tacos, similar to the style of Tacos El Gordo in SD, along with some burritos, tortas, and other fare. I got a taco al pastor and a torta with carnitas (torta is pictured below), and Stacy got a taco w/ carne asada, and a carnitas burrito. The carnitas were definitely the winner - so juicy and soaked in the fatty pork drippings... it was quite heavenly. The carne asada was dry, and the al pastor was good (pictured on the right), but a bit too BBQ-ish for me. The onions, cilantro, and lime were a nice balance though.

They also had this white milky drink thing that I think Alice would've liked. It looked delicious.

This was a nice, messy lunch, but too bad it's so far from Financial. The only real destination place in that area is HS!


Mike said...

The white milky drink thing is Horchata. That and a California burrito was a staple in my high school diet.

kathy said...

LOL i know it was horchata =P you obviously did not click on the link!

Your Pal, Al said...

Worst Check Please episode ever.