Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dollars and Cents

After paging through some old posts, I realized that in the course of this blog's lifetime (almost 3 years if you include xanga days) my restaurant "reviews" have greatly evolved. The largest factor is definitely value. This comes to mind mostly after watching David Chang's interview with Charlie Rose (shown here), but after surpassing the novelty of the "food scene," value has become increasingly important to me. I haven't eaten at every restaurant in existence, but I've had my fair share of meals around the bay, which gives me an idea of what food can be. When a dish falls short and I'm paying big bucks for it, of course I'm not going to be happy. I work in a restaurant, so I understand that things happen, but as a diner that doesn't mean I will necessarily want to spend my money there again. Consistency also plays a part, but I won't get into that. With prices rising in every aspect of our lives, my wallet is not as carefree as it was three years ago.

So yes, if you read my posts and wonder why I always talk about money, it's not just because of the Chinese in me (although that may be a factor as well ha).

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