Monday, April 07, 2008


2031 Chestnut (& Fillmore)
(415) 346-5641

Spanish tapas in the Marina (!)

Note: I think I'm going to stop with the rating... it just doesn't feel right anymore!

This tapas restaurant is in the heart of the Marina - not my favorite place, but I will go there for good food. We tried a LOT of food (thanks to Jen's very generous friend!), and there were definitely some standouts.

Braised beef cheeks w/ roasted cauliflower and a honey (?) raisin sauce - the beef was like butter (the only other time I've felt that way about beef was at French Laundry)
Asparagus - it was really quite perfect, with a bit of sweetness

Other notable dishes:
Lamb hearts & livers - I'm not really a liver person, but the combination was pretty good
Charcuterie - headcheese (my first time - not as gross as what I imagined), ham (really really good - comparable to prosciutto), pork confit, sausage
Chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon - the others had a problem with the balance (too much date), but I still liked it. bacon = you can't go wrong
House-made Ricotta
Cod cheeks

Headcheese, smelt, and the lamb hearts/liver

Other dishes we tried:
Piglet w/ pea shoot tendrils and quince aioli
Bread & chocolate w/ sea salt + olive oil
Fromage blanc cheesecake w/ blood orange marmalade & sesame tuile
Fried smelt


Anonymous said...

so wait. all your restaurants have star ratings, but not laiola? come on, just between us. what did you rate it?

kathy said...

it's not that i'm not giving laiola a star rating specifically, but rather that i'm just stopping the whole star rating system altogether.

i just don't feel comfortable doing it anymore. i've mentioned some reasons why in previous posts