Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Killer Keller Quiche

Like that alliteration? So do I.

Last weekend was the bridal shower for Tu, one of my best friends from HS, and I made the food. The main attraction was this quiche, except that I used mushrooms in addition to the leeks and roquefort. It really isn't as difficult/time-consuming as seriouseats makes it out to be. If you've made a pie or tart dough before, it's basically the same thing. I used a springform since I didn't have any pans that were deep enough, and it turned out just dandy. Definitely the hit!

Other things I made that might sound familiar:
- Pasta with roasted asparagus, lemon, shaved gruyere, soft-boiled eggs, and caramelized onions (as inspired by laiola)
- Cassoulet
- Strawberries and blackberries tossed in basil lime syrup (man I love that stuff!)
- Chocolate ganache drizzled with olive oil & fleur de sel (as inspired by laiola again and michael laiskonis)


Annie said...

kathy! i was goign to make that quiche for a dinner i threw, ended up making a diff recipe becuaes i read so many reviews about how difficult the crust is to make. is it that hard? and was it that good? i hear that quiche is heavenly! ;)

kathy said...

The crust is really simple. You just have to remember to not overmix and stop mixing once the flour is JUST incorporated. It also helps if the butter is really cold and cut into pretty small pieces. I used a food processor since I usually make my doughs there. It isn't any different from normal pie doughs, so if you've made one before it should be fine. =)

kathy said...

oh, and yes it was good! If you hate blue cheese then maybe not, but roquefort is a mellow one. Also, one thing I didn't do was make sure the leeks were totally dry after blanching them. I just drained them, but after baking/chilling/reheating, the bottom got a little soggy and I think it was because there was still excess moisture from the leeks.

Jesse said...

ooh ... cassoulet

kathy said...

sadly, it wasn't as good as yours jesse! i used really cheap meat =P