Saturday, July 07, 2007

rice pudding, or Food Rejected by the Suffering

My little sister just got her wisdom teeth pulled, and being the youngest child she is, she's been sobbing melodramatically over her unrelinquishing pain. So being the good sister I am, I went home to visit her, and today she said she wanted pudding. We only had jello mix, but she didn't want jello (silly Kathy); she wanted pudding. Chocolate pudding. Well we didn't have chocolate, so I decided to make her rice pudding. I liked it, but the rice wasn't soft enough, so she automatically spit it out and huffed about how she wanted smooth chocolate pudding! Grrr. Whatever. It's in my tummy now. And now she's eating cookies. WTB??


lucyfnw said...

Does "I'd hit that" mean the same thing as "hooked up"?

kathy said...

haha umm not quite. You could say "I'd hook up with that"? But that wouldn't sound nearly as cool. Because I'm so cool. Obviously.

Karen Chong said...

hahahahahha BOO YOU! i really couldn't eat it. it was too hard! and it took me like 10 minutes to eat each cookie! pffftt!