Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yoghurt Bread

My friend Emily introduced me to lacto-fermented bread - that is, yeastless bread that rises from soaking wheat in yogurt, sour milk, or buttermilk (basically anything with active cultures). I would talk about the science behind it and the biological health benefits, but it went completely over my head. She even went above and beyond by making her own whole wheat flour by grinding up wheat berries. Now THAT is all natural.

Here is the flour after soaking in the yogurt and fermenting in a warm place for 24 hrs. It felt like a slice of bread crumpled up, very dense and dry.

After adding in some eggs, butter, and other stuff, the dough was like a super thick batter

It actually had a pretty nice crumb! Coarse, chewy, and super healthy!

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Claudia said...

It has a wonderful crumb - this looks terrific and while I have wheat berries - I don't think I'll grind my own flour - but I am liking this recipe quite a lot.