Sunday, February 21, 2010


Underdog (hot dogs) and Underdogs (sports bar + taco shop) can get easily confused, especially since they are just about 2 blocks away from each other on opposite sides of 19th. Underdog feels like a hippie version of Top Dog with their extensive list of vegetarian and vegan "sausages," except significantly more expensive by $2+. The meat versions are all organic, and they also include some grassfed options as well as a Let's Be Frank dog, which would explain the higher prices, though it isn't more satisfying than a $1.50 Polish from Costco. Good and healthier I suppose, but how healthy are hot dogs anyway?

A bouncer was collecting cover before the UFC fight... not a shocker, we ate and left before it started. =P Mmm fish taco Nick's way and a cold beer.

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Gene Miguel - Hoodscope said...

I love Underdogs! Nothin' beats being able to watch UFC while eating a Baja Fish Taco Nick's Way and a bucket of Tecate! Still need to check out Underdog though.