Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kristen + Marlon

Purple and gold (Lakers fans), tropical menu, and a hot day! Thanks to Gloria for letting me give her tiers a makeover, Grace for helping me make tons of sugar plumerias as well as being my food stylist for the day, and Mike for the lovely photos, as usual!

- Mascarpone cheesecake w/ pineapple champagne glaze and pineapple chips (what can I say... everyone wants cheesecake!)
- Ube manju sprinkled w/ black sesame seeds
- Coconut mochi cake
- Dark chocolate cupcakes w/ Kona coffee buttercream
- Passion fruit chocolate truffles rolled in macadamia nuts
- Hibiscus meringue kisses
- Guava cornmeal cookies
- Coconut tapioca w/ graham crumbs, leche flan, candied rice krispies, mango, and basil lime syrup (seriously... last time I'm making that for awhile!)


Margaret said...

That's a pretty setup. Can I blog about it on PW? =)

kathy said...