Saturday, March 07, 2009

Size Matters

I haven't eaten a full meal here, but this tiny space around 16th + Valencia that is Monk's Kettle warrants a return. If it hasn't already reached capacity and you've gotten passed the stressed out bouncer, you can enjoy what they have to offer, big or small. They serve a wide range of beers, from PBR to some obscure Italian brews, $2-40 a glass. The best part is that they let you taste! For the unsophisticated beer palates, these tiny little steins can save you from committing to something that may taste like straight-up molasses. There were also these tiny little bottle things they kept hanging behind the bar that you're supposed to pound on the table three times before taking it like a shot. Looks fun, but tastes like not-sweet jager (= not fun).

One of their signature snacks is their "giant pretzel," served with a cheddar ale sauce and stone ground mustard. Piping hot and deliciously chewy, you really can't go wrong. Both condiments are great accompaniments to the rock salt covering the pretzel. Honestly, it's expensive for a pretzel ($8), but it's worth a try.

I would definitely come back to try more food and more beers. The bartenders are also very accommodating, knowledgeable, and patient. There are just so many beers to choose from which makes it hard to decide. It's also a popular joint, so I just need to make sure I can get in!

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