Saturday, February 07, 2009

Partaaay in the MONT

Here's a pic of the earl grey tea ice cream that I made for dinner at Gigi's (with some shortbread). Yes, it's melting a bit in the photo. Still some creamy goodness!

The housewarming was originally supposed to be a saffron night (and I would've made saffron-vanilla ice cream) since Alice brought back like a pound of "saffron" from Thailand that she got for $3 USD this past fall. $3??? I know, right. What a bargain! Well, let's just say that we had a change of plans. <3

Instead, we just made some simple food... salad, shrimp scampi, salmon, basil gnocchi w/ mushrooms, truffle oil and brown butter... it was a great meal that definitely kept well the next day for lunch.

Oh, and Gigi's fiance discovered a new amazing Trader Joe's find: pub cheese! It tastes kind of like cheez wiz, and with crackers, it's like eating those Ritz cheese cracker sandwiches. So addicting.

So here are some pictures of the gnocchi - Gigi likes to make thinks perfect so it's obvious which ones she made. I also decided to leave out the photo of Alice eating raw shrimp to keep this blog family friendly.

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