Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cupcakes Must Die, Part 2

I went to the Stanford shopping center with my family a few days ago, where there is the only Sprinkles in Norcal. I obviously make cupcakes quite often - if you're in the wedding business, it's really unavoidable. However, just the thought of Sprinkles just makes me cringe - feelings that haven't changed for awhile. $3.50 for a tiny little cake?? It drives me nuts. A woman in front of us in line bought $70 worth of cupcakes. That's just plain ridiculous. And the lines! Their brand strategy is to serve customers at the door, so even if there are only 5 people queuing up, there's already a line out the door.

Granted, Sprinkles does have a good red velvet, which is what they're known for. Everything else, however, is not much better than a dozen you can get at Safeway for the same price. Cupcakes are cute; it's undeniable. But really. Sprinkles just has no soul in their food, just like all franchises. BLAHHHH

And yes, we did buy a few because my sister really loves them and my parents had never been before. =P

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