Monday, April 16, 2007

TOP 5 things to eat before i die

this is inspired by this post. it was SO difficult deciding what my top 5 would be, so i divided it into two categories. these are foods i would want to eat (again) before i die, not things i haven't tried yet. i interpreted it this way because when i tried to think of things i haven't eaten before that i would want to try, i couldn't think of anything! it's not like i've eaten everything in the world... these are just my favorites of all time (i'm sure the list will change when i get older)! besides, californian food is pretty damn good.

dishes from restaurants:
1. chef's tasting menu at french laundry (inc. foie gras, "oysters & pearls," wagyu beef, and lots and lots of gooood wine. is that cheating? not that i'm not already cheating....)
2. clementine french toast
3. bay scallop roll + chirashi from sushi house (so this includes different types of raw fish. i'm so cheating)
4. animal fries from in n out
5. special noodles from mandalay

food food:
1. avocado by itself (i.e. cut open, eaten with a spoon). some people think that's gross, but it's like eating butter that's good for you. mmm
2. fresh ripe organic strawberries with some milk
3. cheesecake made by yours truly (i don't post about baking/cooking, but i'm not too shabby)
4. black sesame mochi soup balls
5. mac 'n cheese: a combination of two of my favorite things - cheese and some form of dough

Note: i didn't take any of these pictures (links are included). they aren't ideal, but they're the best i could find without looking too hard.

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Jesse said...

If you like mac and cheese, try the cheese spaetzle at Suppenk├╝che in Hayes Valley.