Sunday, December 24, 2006

best of trader joe's

trader joe's is seriously the best market ever (aside from farmer's markets). here are my favorites:

- pita chips
- 3-layer hummus: cilantro, regular, and spicy. they also sell the cilantro hummus alone
- spinach + artichoke dip
- soy crisps: look & feel similar to rice cakes, but 10 times better. more like chips
- almond, pistachio, & dried cherry trail mix
- olive bruschetta
- normal bruschetta

- indian masala sauce
- cuban mojito simmer sauces
- thai green curry sauce


jensu said...

ohh i like the link unit ad on the right. ive been trained to notice these things :D haha

lucyfnw said...

You forgot to mention the fiber cereal! That's what keeps me regular and pooing everyday. =D