Sunday, December 24, 2006

berkeley bites

with this new topical format, everything's more organized, but some restaurants might fall into multiple categories, so please be patient with repeats!

note: for any non-berkeley people, "the ghetto" = food court on durant between telegraph & bowditch

- intermezzo (telegraph): sandwiches & salads
- naan n' curry (telegraph): indian fast food - chicken tiki masala mmm
- meesha's (ghetto): their chicken plate is something i ALWAYS get whenever i visit
- thai house (channing & telegraph)
- durant cafe: above the ghetto. good breakfast
- fat slice (telegraph)
- top dog (across from the ghetto)
- la burrita (across from the ghetto)
- gypsy's (ghetto): italian fast food - heavy, but satisfying
- sweetheart's (ghetto): second best cheap boba
- quickly (ghetto): best cheap boba
- ann's kitchen (telegraph): decent breakfast
- cafe milano (bancroft): turkey + roasted bell pepper sandwich is SO GOOD. don't just study here!

- rivoli (solano area): nice italian restaurant
- chez panisse: nice californian resetaurant. focus is on the ingredients
- cesar: tapas and drinks are good, but the service is snotty
- la paz
- gregoire: best french/californian food to go!
- cheeseboard: sauceless pizza made with uber californian ingredients. the cheese shop is fun =)

4th ST. AREA
- vic's: indian in a warehouse
- sketch: homemade gelato with amazing flavors
- eccolo: nice french/californian place

- zachary's: deep dish chicago-style pizza (heavy on tomatoes)
- a cote: small plates french/californian
- la trattoria siciliana: family-owned tiny italian place
- ici: cute ice cream shop with strange flavors
- la mediterranee: mediterranean food!
- crepevine

- rick & ann's: best breakfast food ever by the claremont hotel
- thai temple
- la note:
good breakfast but a bit overrated (still good though)

- k

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