Tuesday, March 22, 2011

South By

Had a crazy few days in Austin for SXSW and somehow managed to eat some good food, most of which was consumed late at night unless you count the free vegan tacos and spirulina bars that provided us sustenance during the day.

Top 2 Pig-related Food Truck Names:
1. Pig Vicious
2. The Notorious P.I.G.

The following photos primarily consist of 2 things: meat and tacos. Detox!!

Pulled pork from Jackalope, dripping with fat

The pit at Salt Lick's Driftwood location

Sausage, brisket, and pork ribs

Brisket at Rudy's 360; "extra-moist" brisket was intensely fatty and delicious but I just couldn't roll with it

La Mexicana Bakery in South Congress neighborhood, one of the many 24-hr diners

Breakfast tacos: middle one is cactus

Torchy's Tacos, where Aziz Ansari is apparently a big fan heh

Green chile pork

Love migas from Magnolia Cafe, yet another 24-hr diner on South Congress

Chili cheese waffle taco from Lucky J's makes me wonder why I've never thought of that

Amy's ice cream is like a glorified Coldstone, but they have fun ice cream flavors even without the "crush'n" toppings. Pictured here is the "cop stop," coffee ice cream with doughnut bits, and mexican vanilla which tastes just like wedding cake


Your Pal, Al said...

That is a lot of meat for one sto-mach. I hope you are eating lots of vegetable to help clear out your system.

kathy said...

yup, I haven't eaten meat since I got back! But that will probably change today if I go to 4505 heh