Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monkey Bread; Gone to Heaven

Went to Bouchon with my favorite mama-to-be to check out their weekend-mornings-only doughnuts. We got there a little before 9am, just early enough to beat the rush and didn't have to wait in line! I thought there would be more selection, but there were only two choices - chocolate and coconut with pineapple filling. The chocolate was enjoyably not sweet and the crispies were a nice touch, a great pairing to a latte from the Coffee Caboose. I thought the coconut was ok, but it may or may not have tasted like fish to someone else. =)

I also tried monkey bread for the first time, a very good idea for using up croissant dough scraps, although I think it would have tasted better warm or right out of the oven. It was a nice morning and a lovely day!


Cynch said...

Who is having a baby?

The chocolate on the left picture looks like fish eggs and kind of weirds me out. :P

Kevin said...

either that or capers

kathy said...

i don't understand your comment, kevin