Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Very dramatic table setting

This year we continued our family tradition of celebrating November birthdays (new member of the 27 club!) at a nice restaurant after Thanksgiving. While it was a good, solid meal, I don't think it was comparable to the other 3-Michelin-star restaurants that I've been to (French Laundry and Le Bernardin). Moreover, I thought the food at Providence (2 stars) and Le Chateaubriand (no stars) were both way more satisfying and exciting. Their dessert options were also a bit lacking in the creativity department, which was really disappointing. I don't know how Michelin rates restaurants, and I usually never take reviews that seriously, but I just didn't see why Meadowood has been getting so much hype. Great food, regardless. And very interesting patron demographic. That's all I will say.

Heavy hitters

The a la carte items were more memorable than any of the tasting menu courses

Beautiful plating

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Annie said...

hi! i love your wedding spreads. i'm getting married next year and am looking for some fun ideas for the dessert/cake table. are you available for hire or do you mostly do friends and family?