Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Real Get Right

Alice, amazed at the aisles filled with the most ridiculous selection of Barilla; sticky figgy gelato from EATaly (it was gross and even Alice threw hers away)

Not pictured: the Stumptown baristas chucking newspapers while stroking their staches

Juicy lamb burger (side of cumin mustard) and charcuterie at the Breslin

Mac n cheese pancakes and ebelskivers from Shopsins

High and low: afternoon tea at Bergdorf with Jess, then late night Shake Shack

Cheesecake and pies

Ice cream galore to combat the scorching heat

Vegan "burger" and curry pan at the UES Japanese Soul Food Fest

OK, I didn't intend to spend more time and money on Mr. Chang, but how could I resist a $25 pre fixe power lunch with Wendy?? Spring rolls in particular were deceptively modern

Not pictured: wasabi-packed uni panini from El Quinto Pino, multiple stops for iced coffee at Ost and the Third Rail pop-up at Rapha, the feeding of 5000 at Madangsui, yet another depressing defeat at The Australian, and a feast of Chino Latino and congealed Joe Shanghai leftovers!

Looking forward to colder weather... it's starting to smell like fall!

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Your Pal, Al said...

I was just at Stumptown again and it still looked like the cast of Newsies was serving coffee.